Boppin' Around started as a rock 'n' roll magazine way back in 1993. (American surfers may read: 'magazine for 50's rock 'n' roll, rockabilly and/ or swing'). Untill 2008 Boppin' Around was de leading Dutch rockin' magazine.

At this moment our main thing is running a website based on the same ideas: keeping the rockin' scene informed.

With no doubt the most important feature is the best rockin' giglist of the Netherlands and Belgium, Be There!© You will also find well known sections from our magazine, like rockin' news (Big News), reviews (Recensies) and concert reports (Rockin' Lifestyle).

We are focused on the Dutch and Belgian rockin' scene, therefore our site is in the Dutch language.



It has to be clear: like blues, jazz and country, rock 'n' roll is a dynamic music (and life)style of today.

To look at the magazine covers and to obtain information about the content you can look in our archive.

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